Simple Answer is to save money :  Fast forwarding world requires lot of new things in the business running fashion. Rapidly growing economic growth pressures the property management managers to use different techniques to attract the customer with best offers and facilities. 

Managing Real Estate and Property by Excel or Pen/Paper may be over. Switching from manual to systematic is best option for property manager to control the property or Real Estate.

You may ask yourself, “I have been using my system for years.  I know it and am used to it.  Why try something new now?”

We have to segregate the property management into three ways. 1) Past 2) Present 3) Future.

1. Past: The previous generation managed the property using paper and pen, but when they wanted to know about the particular property or real estate they spend lot of time for searching the history. The frequently ended with loss because of non-reminder of particular property/Real Estate renewal. They used to have lot of tensions to keep the Cheque details and reminder of maturity date. Often they tenants were not able to communicate to landlords or property managers property about any complaint.  Property landlords were not able to fulfill the requirement of any tenants immediately. Most of the property managers had spent lot of time to keep the information of all the properties.

2. Present : The latest technology with internet made all the property managers hope to control the property and real estate details properly with Excel Sheets, but again often they have the problem to get the reminders on time also still they are not able to keep history of any tenant payment and property or Real Estate. At one time, user can’t give complete details of the property with singe report. Reporting become cumbersome because the users are not getting right reporting tools. This kind of problems pushes the property managers to go ahead with right property management software in place for better control. Software available to keep the details of property or real estate still there are gaps in connecting locations, customer support and communications between tenants and landlords.

3. Future : Internet made everything simple. Keeping a Web based property management software can control property well from anywhere anytime basis. Best features can make any landlord happy to get all the details of their property. Better Tenant Management can give complete details of customers and their history. Better reporting and reminding tool can help the land lord up-to date. Good CRM tool can help the customer for better communication. Document management tool can keep and track of all documents related to the property documents like tenant Passports, Visa, Contracts, Cheques….etc., Perfect financial tool can keep track of all financial activities of any property management companies.

LetoPMS is the Web based Property Real Estate management software. The following features makes the product rich with latest technology.


Leto Property Management Software – Modules

Property & Units Manager | Property Sales Inquiry Management | Opportunities Management | Quotes Administration | Property Booking | Sales Agents & Commissions | Tenant Management | Property Lease Management | Property Sales Management | Utility Billing | Document Management | Property Legal Case Management | Complaint Tracking | Work Order Management | Receivables and Payable Management | Post Dated Cheque (PDC) Tracking | Executive Dashboard Manager | Move-In and Move-Out Management | Tenant Self Service | Owners Portal | Notes & Alerts

The additional features of the Product:

Admin with Workflow, SMS & Email Connect, Notifications, Integration with LetoCRM- Customer Relationship Software, LetoDMS-Document  Management Software, LetoFAMS – Fixed Asset Management Software, LetoERP – Enterprise Resources Planning, LetoDIMS – Distribution and Inventory Management Software.

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