Social CRM:
The new terms SCRM is decribed as Social customer relationship management. The traditional CRM has an integration of Social media called as SCRM. Social CRM builds upon CRM by leveraging a social element that enables a business to connect customer conversations and relationships from social networking sites in to the CRM process. 

Here are some of the notable benefits of social CRM:

1) You can identify new opportunities

Social CRM can be used to visit social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin. Visiting these sites can give perfect ideas what customer have purchased. It will be more useful when you want to up sell or cross sell your products. Another thing when the customer have certain purchases continuously you can understand the purchasing culture. Based on that you can recommend the discount vouchers in the next purchase.

2) Customer feedback

Customer feedback is more important in terms of business growth. Past years word of mouth was very limited and marketing was so tough, but recent commercial and social world made it easy. When the customer is satisfies and tweets to his network you will come to know immediately and also you can re tweet for all of the other customer, so the information is spread very fast with social sites.

4) Return on Investment (ROI)

Social media made simple to understand any campaign turns to ROI. Once you run the campaign in social medias you can come to know how many likes, tweets, followers, comments and downloads. Definitely this all will turn as a lead generating engine. And it’s making your life easier to understand the Campaign which converted as a sale.

5) Research and development

Social CRM allows your company to perform research and development on upcoming projects at little or no cost. You can understand from the customer comments, tweets…about the product lifestyle and usage and also new product requirements. R&D become very simple and useful when you get lot of comments about the future products. Big giants Apple and Samsung use the Social media as powerful R&D tool to release the next product.

LetoCRM Introduction:

Web based CRM gives you the great experience in handling sales, marketing and support. It Differs from others and best features are below

  • Web based and can be accessed over any standard browser including Opera and Safari on Mac Machines

  • Best Graphical Interface to make easy transactions by users

  • Social Media Integration

  • Social Campaign Management

  • ROI Management

  • User Definable dashboards and Reports

  • User defined unlimited custom fields

  • integration with any third party systems

  • Integration with all Leto Applications.

  • Accessible over Tablets and Smartphones

  • Intelligence recommendation while data entry

  • Workflow enabled

  • Email and SMS Notifications enabled

  • Direct Integration with any telephony services

  • Automatic customer finder based on the call.

  • Document Attachments in all the stages

  • Direct mailing from System

  • Marketing templates can be designed within the system

  • Auto Reminders and Tasks for the specific user

  • Auto mailing systems for all the customers and prospects

  • Cross selling details for the specific users automatically

  • Lead Assigning and re-assigning

  • Lead Cancellation or update with different details

  • SLA (Service Level Agreement ) and follow up details

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