An Effective Human Resources Information System (HRIS or HRMS) can lower administrative burdens and increase the productivity. HRMS commonly used for Applicant tracking, selection process, on boarding, and manage the employees and their benefits. Managing proper benefits are likely to retain old employees without talent loss. An Effective HRIS system contributes to over all cost reduction and better resource selection and assign to the right job within the requested time.  Thus the HRIS application involves all the operation from recruiting until separation process.

But implementing such a effectively manageable systems is not easy and to integrate all HR operation into one. there are common mistakes are made and we address the following common mistake when it’s come in the implementations

Failure of Change Management : Change management is the big process, always fortune companies are not able address the effective change management when it comes for the change. The previous implementation has lot of gaps when to address in the new system likely they forget things. Also the pre-initiative training required to address the problems, but most of the enterprises fails to do this as a pre-initiative. Unfortunately, effectively managing change can be an area of major deficiency for many organizations.  But addressing them effectively can change the implementation style and to get the proper results in you way.

Failure of Data Define and Quality : Most of the organization runs with poor data quality in terms of reporting high standard. When organization doesn’t address and define data perfectly, possibility of getting poor report is increased.  The poor definition can lead to the management loss in processing the salaries and benefits including separation process final settlement.  Initially organization has to have clear vision of proper data without any risk of wrong details. The poor data management can lead poor performance and poor rating of employees and improper reporting and it can lead the wrong direction.

Failure of planning: Planning is more important to manage successful HR department. Planning Employee hierarchies can lead and generate the big business and performance increase. When the properly planned hierarchies are ready then reporting will be perfect. For Example when you want to process the department activity of KRA and KPI, you would probably take the report of every employee involved in the department, but when you have confusion in the hierarchy itself, then the reporting capability will show the wrong information and it will lead for wrong decision making. Planning C level Low level employees and defining their job responsibilities and assigning for the employees more important in the implementation stage.

Failure of  understanding Country’s local regulation’s law : Understanding local country’s legal related to employee management is more important, and you have to make sure the application support local government compliance in terms of reporting and calculation. the wrong calculation can lead and pressure to the legal problem which are related to labor issues. HRMS software is very sensitive when you compare to other applications that’s why each and every level you have to be very careful in-terms of implementation.

Failure of understanding Data Security and Poor database selection
:  Data Security is more important in the technology world. Every single information depends on database and security. The poorly designed database and poor approval system can crash all the applications and performance. The access of data should be more speed when you have more employees data access online. Also should properly manage the security policies. otherwise implementation can be unsuccessful and again change management should occur in a very short period of time.

Overcome from the problem you can select the right solution and right partner in your place. Leto HRMS 800 Software is completely designed to overcome such problems. An effective application can bring ROI in a short period of time also it helps to reduce the potential HR problems. 

The application consists the modules of Employee Recruitment, onBoarding, Employee profile, time sheet management, Leave management, payroll processing, Asset Management, Travel Management, shift/shedule planner, 360 degree performance appraisal, Employee self service, Performance evaluation, Employee document management, HRMS Alerts and workflow, Benefits management, Separation process, Exit interview and grievance management.

The integrated application one stop solution and customer can manage all of the HR activities with single end.

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