Leto ERP 800 Software Modules :


Segment Creator, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, e Procurement, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory tracking, Serial/Lot Tracking, Warehouse Management, HR & Payroll Module, Fixed Assets, Document Management, Admin and Workflows

Leto PMS –  Property Management 800 Software – Modules


Property & Units Manager, Property Sales Enquiry  Management , Opportunities Management, Quotes Administration, Property Booking, Sales Agents & Commissions, Tenant Management, Property Lease Management, Property Sales Management, Utility Billing, Document Management, Property Legal Case Management, Complaint Tracking, Work Order Management, Receivables and Payable Management, Post Dated Cheque (PDC) Tracking, Executive Dashboard Manager, Notes & Alerts

Leto CRM 800:- Customer Relationship Management Software

LetoCRM_Banner_BigBanner LetoCRM Modules :
Segment Creator, Contact Management, Lead Management, Opportunities Management, Sales Quotation Management, Campaign Management, Complaint Management, Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Forecast Generator, Sales Commission Tracking, Template & Dashboard Designer, ERP Integration Manager

LetoHRMS 800 Software: Human Resources and Payroll Software 

Leto HRMS 800 Modules : 

Leto HR & Payroll is the globally accepted well defined human resources management application to manage your Employee recruitment, Organization chart development, Employee details, Employee benefits, Employee time & attendance, Employee shift/schedule planner, Employee Compensation/Payroll, Employee Leave, Employee Loan, Employee Assets, Employee Self Service, Employee Document, HRMS Alerts and workflow, Dashboard development, Employee Performance appraisal, Employee performance evaluation, government compliance reporting, Employee grievance management, Employee survey management,  Employee training and event management, Employee Investment planning, HR business intelligence and Designer with integration tool.

LetoFAMS 800: Fixed Asset Management Software

LetoFAMS 800 Modules :

Segment Creator: Enables the users to create unlimited Asset Code Structures. Each segment can be a report master, for Ex. Division, Department, Location, Sub Division, Region, Country….etc

Asset Supplier, Asset Manager, Asset Barcode Designer, Asset Transfer (Owner, Location, department…..etc), Asset Tracking, Asset Reconciliation, Asset Sale, Asset Barcode Print, Asset Insurance, Asset Depreciation, Asset Maintenance Scheduler, Maintenance Cost Update, Month End Processing, Administrative Module, Asset Retirement/Missing Assets Update, Executive Dashboard Manager, Notes & Alerts, Custom Asset Report Designer, Asset Issue, Asset Receipts

LetoDMS 800 : Document Management 800 Software 

LetoDMS 800 Modules

Document Profile Manager, Document Version Control, Document Distribution, Document Access Control, Document Workflow, Document Self Service Portal, Notifications (Email & SMS Configuration), Social Media share and integration, Online Document Viewer, Event Logger, Recently viewed Documents, Template Designer, Document Scanner, Executive Dashboard Manager, Notes & Alerts, Document Scheduler


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