Leto Fixed Asset Management Introduction

  1. Asset management is an accounting process that seeks to calculate the depreciation, tracking, maintenance and theft difference.

  2. Organizations face a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation status of their fixed assets. A popular approach to tracking fixed assets utilizes serial numbered Asset Tags, which are labels that are often with bar codes for easy and accurate reading.

  3. Periodically the owner can track the asset transfer, misplaced and missing assets using these kind of application


Proper Asset Tracking system can give your organization accurate data. Every organization fails to track Asset in and out. Most of the companies have big losses because of non tracking of assets from the factory or any location or project.

Once you apply the bar-code tags on the assets, definitely it can act as an anti-theft system. Good business practice will help the organization to control the assets effectively with this application.

Application like LetoFAMS helps to achieve your goals in tracking and maintaining Assets effectively.


  1. Segment Creator: Enables the users to create unlimited Asset Code Structures. Each segment can be a report master, for Ex. Division, Department, Location, Sub Division, Region, Country….etc

  2. Asset Supplier

  3. Asset Manager

  4. Asset Barcode Designer

  5. Asset Transfer (Owner, Location, department…..etc)

  6. Asset Tracking

  7. Asset Reconciliation

  8. Asset Sale

  9. Asset Barcode Print

  10. Asset Insurance

  11. Asset Depreciation

  12. Asset Maintenance Scheduler

  13. Maintenance Cost Update

  14. Month End Processing

  15. Administrative Module

  16. Asset Retirement/Missing Assets Update

  17. Executive Dashboard Manager

  18. Notes & Alerts

  19. Custom Asset Report Designer

  20. Asset Issue

  21. Asset Receipts

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