LetoHMS Introduction:

LetoHMS is one of the leading Hospital/Medical/Clinic management system in dubai-abudhabi-uae. Completely web architecture allows your clinic operation access from anywhere in the world. LetoHMS connects with eDocumentstore. Edocumentore is an online document management system which helps the users to upload and keep in Cloud.

LetoHMS offers the innovative front office features like Patient Registration, Appointments, Scheduling, EMR (Electronic Medical Records), Dr Module, eClaim (Encounter Claim), eFiling, Nursing, Medical Lab Management and Patient Statistical Reporting. Completely Integrated with ICD/CPT codes, ePrescription and Electronic Writing Pads and Inpatient Management, Emergency, Ambulance Management.

LetoHMS offers back office support such as Financial, Patient Billing for In Patient and Out Patient, HR and payroll with Staff scheduling integrated with Time Recording systems, Drug Store management, Pharmacy management, Pharmacy billing, Drug Distribution, Operations such as General store, eProcurement, Business Development such as CRM, Document Management, Asset Management with Critical Medical Equipment management system, and Statistical reporting.

What is eClaim?

eClaimLink is the eClaim project of the Dubai Health Authority implemented in partnership with Dimensions Healthcare with the objectives of establishing a unified standard healthcare language communicated across the emirate, implementing a unified structured communication schema, providing a centralized health data tracking system, facilitating eClaim financial and clinical information between payers, providers, patients & authorities. Empowering the Dubai Health Authority with the needed information to organize, strategize, and optimize the healthcare setting in Dubai. The eClaimLink portal is intended to manage eClaims and health data. In addition, it will serve to connect all the healthcare community of Dubai and through its many anticipated modules will raise the quality of care, enhance efficiency, and reduce mistakes, fraud and abuse in the Emirate of Dubai. Visit www.eclaimlink.ae for more information : Details from eClaimlink website from DHA

LetoHMS eClaim Management:

LetoHMS facilitates eClaim Submission, Re-submission and Remittance Management. Completely browser based EClaim Management Modules helps to generate the right Details for submitting eClaims through DHA and HAAD portals in Dubai-abduabi-uae. LetoHMS helps to get updated Drug list, Observation details, Denial Details and ePrescription.

LetoHMS generates submission files with internal validation rules based on the information given from DHA and HAAD. This feature enables you to submit the right files and not to get any rejections. User can get updated information from DHA and HAAD in our eClaim Module and eClaim Dashboards.

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