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The global demand for high quality innovative products and services with quick go-to market solutions and minimal investment has never been greater.  Letosys offers testing services that help you deliver business solutions and technologies with high quality. Letosys domain and industry-focused testing services can ensure that your IT applications meet growing business need with high performance availability.

Boost your software testing and economically expand your long term capability of your application.

Letosys domain and industry-focused testing services can ensure that your IT applications meet growing business needs with high performance and availability. With standard operating procedures and mechanisms you can detect issues early, leading to a better stakeholder and end-user experience, with lowered costs and complexity. We are specialized in the following areas

  • Functional Testing
  • Database Testing & Data Structure Certification
  • Universal Test Case Compliance
  • Cross Browser Compliance Testing
  • OS / DB Certification (for Microsoft platform)
  • Cloud Certification
  • MultiLingual (Unicode) compliance certification
  • Audit Trail Management Certification
  • Architecture Compliance Certification
  • Coding Standard Compliance Certification
  • Code Optimization (Microsoft technologies)
  • Load Testing
  • Performance Bandwidth / Network Bandwidth Testing & Certification
  • Hardware Sizing
  • Technical Consulting on high-end concepts like Service Broker, Asynchronize triggering, Menu Management, Notification by Email/SMS (2 way push-pull)
  • Technical Consulting on Data Migration
  • Technical Consulting on Deployment Architecture (Cluster / Cloud / VM ware etc.

Application Re-Engineering

As the technology continuously improving, the older application to be re-engineered with special expertise. Letosys offers the expertise to convert your platform completely to the newer technologies. We provide best improvement plan and consulting while migrating the technology as per the current cutting-edge technology.

Data Migration Services with Quality, Integrity and Reliability

Data Migration is the process to change the data from one database to another. Application re-engineering frequently required this services to make sure to change the data without loss. Data migration should not involve to change the enterprise data, instead data it’s an opportunity to evaluate the data and increase the data quality.

Letosys keeps proven record of keeping the data quality and we use cutting edge technology with our expertise who can help you to achieve the desired results.

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