Social Media and Conversation Marketing transform brands for the business like no other communication channels before

Social Media has changed the business lifestyle recent years and had become an integral part of businesses these days.  Social media marketing is more important for your business such as Generating business leads, improving sales performance, increasing exposure of your brand, increasing traffic to your website and reduce your marketing experience. Improving your site with integrated with Social media can bring you significant benefit to keep your customer up-to date.

Letosys offers the following Social media marketing policy

  • First we identify your company culture

  • We make the strategic plan for your social media marketing

  • Identify past successes and failures if you have already presence online. This will help to run a proper campaign for the target market

  • We do consulting your team of professionals for different type of promotion and we closely work with your marketing team to identify the potential web traffic for your campaign

  • We design of all social media links for your business. We create a marketing fan page for the promotion.

  • we monitor Performance of Social Activity and generate reports.

Social Design

Promoting your website thru social media channels will be one of best idea and powerful to increase the traffic. We inter-connect your social media channels.


Here are some benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Ability to create a brand awareness

  • Develop online communities for your best information spread over

  • Your main website will gain traffic from different communication channel

  • Search Engine optimization will become easy

  • Increased visibility in your search engine

  • Participation in Social media group and discuss about various chapter to attract your customers

  • Company Reputation will grow

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