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One of the few places on earth where the property market shows no signs of slowing are in immensely rich Middle East. The middle east real estate industry is currently one of the hottest market in the world. The international billionaire ...

Why to use Property-Real-Estate-Management-Software?

Simple Answer is to save money : Fast forwarding world requires lot of new things in the business running fashion. Rapidly growing economic growth pressures the property management managers to use different techniqu ...

Leto Property Management Software Introduction:

Managing Property is a huge responsibility. This is particularly if anyone is using more than one property. In Order to ensure the best results and profitably running business, property managers and Owners should use Property Management software. The workload of the manager will be drastically reduced when they use the applications. Using the application to ensure to keep all details related to the property and having reminders such as Contracts, documents of tenants, properties. Property Management Software has emerged as a leading cost-cutting measure for today’s most competitive businesses. Leto Property software provides powerful analytic information systems to customer for reducing costs across the globe. Browser based online application reduces the installation worldwide and save customer’s time. This comprehensive business model delivers consistent returns to your organization.


Leto Property Management Software – Modules

  1. Property & Units Manager

  2. Property Sales Enquiry  Management

  3. Opportunities Management

  4. Quotes Administration

  5. Property Booking

  6. Sales Agents & Commissions

  7. Tenant Management

  8. Property Lease Management

  9. Property Sales Management

  10. Utility Billing

  11. Document Management

  12. Property Legal Case Management

  13. Complaint Tracking

  14. Work Order Management

  15. Receivables and Payable Management

  16. Post Dated Cheque (PDC) Tracking

  17. Executive Dashboard Manager

  18. Notes & Alerts

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