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HRMS software in Middle-East Review

Middle east is the emerging market in all sectors. Most of the big companies have moved to HRMS software. But research says from forbes 13 percent of companies are using different applications for complete HRIS systems (Ex. One for ...

Top HRIS Mistakes and Avoiding Story

An Effective Human Resources Information System (HRIS or HRMS) can lower administrative burdens and increase the productivity. HRMS commonly used for Applicant tracking, selection process, on boarding, and manage the employees and ...

LetoHRMS 800-Software – Introduction

  • In General, to maintain a competitive advantage in the market place, firms needs to balances the resources available to the firm to achieve the desired results of profitability.
  • The effective management of human resources in a firm to gain a competitive advantage in the market place requires timely and accurate information on current employees and potential employees in the labor market.
  • Keeping HR department is a difficult job, but entire company’s success depends on the work of HR department and what they do every day.
  • When your HR personnel are using web based HR software, it’s helping them to get their repetitive tasks done faster. The anywhere anytime access gives the comfort for employees to process all the tasks easily.
  • HR software can make routine tasks easier and keep all the information stored in one centralized location.
  • Start using the centralized HR software, you will be able to take the weak areas of your business and change them to make them efficient.
  • one of the key strategies for becoming a truly global player is creating a global operating model supported by a foundation of integrated human capital management (HCM)

LetoHRMS 800 Software – Modules

  1. Job Classifications and Requirement posting
  2. Register Applicants and CV creation
  3. Job Applications : Receive CV’s Online
  4. CV Short listing and Interview Scheduling
  5. Interview Summary
  6. Selected Candidates Database
  7. Employment Offers and Contract Negotiation
  8. Employee On Boarding
  9. Updating Applicant data into Employee Profile
  10. Create unlimited user defined field for flexible reporting.


Employee Profile Management Software

  1. LetoHRMS Provides Flexible Employee profiles with complete details integrated with various modules.
  2. Employee Dashboard
  3. Employee Job Description
  4. Categorize Employee by Leto Segment creator
  5. Apply the Pay Category with Different earning and deductions
  6. Manage and update Employee Salary details & history
  7. Employee Contact and Communication Details
  8. Manage Temporary Allowances and Deduction Details
  9. Employee Skills and Work history update (this information can be taken from Leto Recruitment module)
  10. Employee Training Details
  11. Employee Dependent details
  12. Employee Leave and leave accrual details
  13. Employee Awards & Recognition details
  14. Employee Disciplinary Actions
  15. Document Attachment integrate with Leto DMS module for Expiry tracking
  16. Define Payment Method of Payment
  17. Employee Overtime and Calculation details
  18. Create unlimited employee group
  19. Track Active/In Active Employees
  20. “As Of” Reporting
  21. Reminders
  22. Reporting : Crystal Report Designer
  23. Query Builder
  24. Import/Export Employee Details

Employee Shift/Roaster Management Software

  1. Specially manage multiple Roaster or Duty shift pattern for weekly or monthly
  2. Create Shift Types (Early Service, Mid day, Night shift,,,,)
  3. Create Duty Shift Pattern
  4. Shift Create/Edit/Cancel/Reschedule
  5. Employee Work Scheduler
  6. Create Area for the shift
  7. Manage Crew, Group
  8. Link Job Type (Ex. Cleaning, Supervising….)
  9. Rate and Break History
  10. Integration with Time & Attendance System

Employee Asset/Gadgets Management Software

  1. Create unlimited Asset types
  2. Manage All Asset Details
  3. Asset Type creation
  4. Asset Issue/Return/Replace
  5. Track Asset Approval Status
  6. Segment wise Asset Details
  7. Asset Barcode Printing

Employee Dashboard Management Software

  1. Dashboard plays most important role in the Management for Decision making purpose.
  2. Select anyone of available Leto Dashboard
  3. Graphically present all the reports
  4. Assign Dashboard to the different users based on their activity
  5. Give the access permission to the user to create certain complex graphical reports or Dashboard.

Employee Training Management Software

  1. Course/Training Category, Type
  2. Courses/Training Manager
  3. Employee Course Sign Off and Group Sign Off
  4. Training Scheduler
  5. Course Version Tracking
  6. Course Evaluation and Result
  7. Online Test
  8. Employee Quality Training Test
  9. Course Provider and cost tracking
  10. Integrated with Employee module for tracking of training and Results History
  11. Training List, Employee List and arrangement for training



LetoHRMS 800-Software – Reason for Purchase

  1. Leto HR & Payroll is the globally accepted well defined human resources management application to manage your Employee recruitment, Organization chart development, Employee details, Employee benefits, Employee time & attendance, Employee shift/schedule planner, Employee Compensation/Payroll, Employee Leave, Employee Loan, Employee Assets, Employee Self Service, Employee Document, HRMS Alerts and workflow, Dashboard development, Employee Performance appraisal, Employee performance evaluation, government compliance reporting, Employee grievance management, Employee survey management,  Employee training and event management, Employee Investment planning, HR business intelligence and Designer with integration tool.
  2. Superior Architecture: flexible & scalable – grows with your business – Ultimate, Supreme and Premium Enterprise Editions to scale painlessly and cost-effectively with company growth.
  3. Low cost: provides a low TCO for companies regardless of complexity, scale or deployment requirements.
  4. Categorize your employees with multiple segments; each segment becomes a reporting dimension in its own right. If an Employee number is segmented into different sub levels such as branch, Division, department and project, it is possible to extend financial reporting to include combinations of these different sub levels.
  5. Stream line your business with Less deployment time, highly customizable, configurable and Scalable
  6. Offers multicurrency facilities when conducting business frequently with multiple currencies.
  7. You can easily transfer critical HR information on a routine basis with strong import/export capabilities
  8. Unlimited User Defined fields creation for extensive reporting.
  9. Drives decision making with personalized dashboards with Graphical Reports.
  10. Accommodate different accounting and business practices and support local reporting and taxation requirements
  11. Access Leto HR Portal and integrate with your employee & operational records
  12. The most important thing is to access all your Employee demographic data on Mobile. Technology rich Leto HRMS Modules have been designed as Browser based application; on top of that System has been designed as Responsive design. Responsive web design (often abbreviated to RWD) is an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)
  13. The ability to handle complex organization structures and handle large global HR Rollouts.
  14. Centralized HR Delivery model connect your all organization and Centralized Employee Access.
  15. Leto Security Module: Your employee data is too important to leave unprotected. Leto Security Module keeps highest security against any database of your employees.
  16. Leto Workflow Module: Approve any documents online while moving anywhere anytime basis.
  17. Leto Self Service modules: Accessing Employee details by themselves online can reduce lot of paperwork and increase employee relations very well.
  18. Customized Local Government Compliance reporting based on the country.
  19. Grievance may be any genuine or imaginary feeling of dissatisfaction or injustice which an employee experiences about his job and its nature, about the management policies and procedures. Leto Grievance management manages grievance related issues in the organizations.
  20. Most of the employees want to know to identify their capacity and performance by the management, for the management this is most important to know the employee performance to increase the salary and compensation. Appraisal is managed by Leto Appraisal Management Effectively
  21. Leto HRMS 800 Software is one of the Leading HRMS and Payroll Software in dubai, Abu Dhabi, Chennai India, Bangalore, Mumbai, London UK, Doha Qatar, Riyadh, Dammam, Jiddah Saudi.
  22. Effective communications between departments will increase the productivity. Leto employee communication module helps to increase the productivity
  23. LetoHRMS 800 Software – Benefits
  24. Leto Segments Organizer helps to generate multi segmented Employee Ledger and each Segment becomes a reporting dimension. Ex Region, Country, Division, department, projects and Cost Centers…etc.,
  25. User can create up-to 10 segments based on the business type and practice.
  26. Multiple structures can be created with combination of different segments. The best advantage is each entity can have different structured employee codes.
  27. Integrated with Leto Multi-Currency module to manage Multiple currencies for transaction and reporting
  28. Create Multiple Companies and Access centralized employee database.
  29. Portal Integration.
  30. Centralized HR Management
  31. Manage unlimited benefits administration.
  32. Employee on boarding management
  33. Structure your staff and Develop effective Organization Chart
  34. Create Employee Investment details and track with the budget
  35. Segment wise Budgeting
  36. Update Employee skills and experience for Employee Succession planning.
  37. Prepare Succession planning of your employees and find their need of training and skill development.
  38. Manage and update the complete information of the employees related their job, personal, benefits, leave, training, skills, history of employment and dependent details.
  39. Administrate unlimited benefits and define a pay category for each employee or category or group.
  40. Benefits include leave, End of Service, Salary, Travelling including Air Ticket and others.
  41. Define unlimited leave type and process leave salary based on the Leave accrual. Automatic leave accrual employee wise based on the benefits allocated.
  42. Create Employee’s Daily and Monthly timesheet. Integrate with your Time and attendance system including finger print/proximity card/palm reader.
  43. Manage employee’s shift Schedule. Since system is web based anywhere anytime basis shift schedule can be created by supervisor and approved by Line Management.
  44. Enable multiple compensation and process monthly, daily, weekly payroll for all employees.
  45. Temporary/Trial payroll process enables you to check all your calculation, addition and deduction before processing payroll.
  46. Month end process enables you to close monthly payroll check.
  47. Unlimited banks can be created and transferred salary to the appropriate bank based on the setup.
  48. Generate online pay slips and send by automated email integration.
  49. Manage all your employee salary advances and convert as loan with multiple installments.  System generate loan repayment schedule automatically and user can adjust any period.
  50. Track all assets given to the employees and make sure they return back while leaving the organization temporarily or permanently
  51. Employee self service module enables you to do all employee related document work and approve with line management like, leave application, loan application, asset request, re-imbursement, Time sheet entry, shift entry…etc
  52. Employee Performance Appraisal made easy and easily Line manager set up the goal by each departments and by each individual employee and process Evaluation sheet for any period and track the employee performance with Salary increment and promotion or any benefit update.
  53. Track your dissatisfied employees and grievance between your employees or management effectively to retain the employees. And timely feedback given by any employees can help the organization to improve better.
  54. Communication between employees to do specific task or assignment made easier by Leto Employee Communications module.
  55. Training is most important thing for any employee of the organization. Leto Training module manages your training budgets and your entire employee training schedule based on the skills. Training assessment test enables the management to understand the effective of training and cost.
  56. Employee Investment module helps the organization to track all expenses related to an employee or any categories of employees.

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