There are so many reasons are there to purchase Leto Document Management Software

  1. Flexible Segment creator enables you to create any number of segments and structure. This is very useful when the user do segmentation of their document such as zone, region, country, division, department and projects. With this option you can create any structure of any combination of segments.
  2. Web based architecture and gives flexibility to open anywhere to access your document.
  3. Flexible database functions to create unlimited details of the document.
  4. Keep meta keywords to find the documents.
  5. Enable your search with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  6. Create notifications to the Administration when illegal access of the document and notifications for approvals with email or SMS.
  7. Document Self Service portal makes the user to access their approved documents online.
  8. Create unlimited document portfolios.
  9. Enables you to assign the document to any no of users and keep TAT(Turn Around Time) to open the document within the mentioned time
  10. Assign serial or parallel Approval workflow to the Document users.
  11. Keeps version control for editing the document.
  12. Electronic Signature creator
  13. Document viewer facility enables you to open any document in the browser. This is the secured process to stop downloading your document to the local folders to open.
  14. Control your documents with password, comments…etc
  15. Sensible recommendation of grouping the documents.
  16. Linking documents to any other third party solution with security.
  17. Facilitates indexing your documents.
  18. Active Directory Enabled
  19. Tracking of Read Status and Comments
  20. Share the documents in the network for the other users with TAT (Turn Around Time)
  21. Highly salable and customizable
  22. Archival of historical information
  23. Unbelievable design works with PC, Tablet and mobile simultaneously, this function improves the performance, reducing the staff timing and Additional investment for mobile application purchase.
  24. Dashboards designer for different users based on their activities
  25. Powerful search functionality makes user to find any Records easily.
  26. Report Generator allows the user to create customized report templates.
  27. Powerful import and Export facility gives you flexibility to export to Excel, Word, HTML or XML.
  28. You can upload any documents, Knowledge base,flyers, presentations, video and audio files easily and can access anywhere in the world.
  29. Move in & Move Out Record and Final Inspection Record.
  30. Document Request and distribution workflow enabled.

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