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Importance of CRM Software

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the most valuable System any small and medium sized business can implement. Every business needs to interact with the prospects and customers effectively. Recent Studies shows that whoever i ...

What is Social CRM?

Social CRM: The new terms SCRM is decribed as Social customer relationship management. The traditional CRM has an integration of Social media called as SCRM. Social CRM builds upon CRM by leveraging a social element that enables a business to conne ...

LetoCRM 800 Software- Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relation Management is a strategy to learn more about customer need and behavior in order to develop stronger relationships with them. Good customer relationships are at the heart of business success. Leto CRM 800 Software is one of the leading software in the corporate market. Leto CRM provides powerful features for Sales, Marketing and Support.  An Effective Leto CRM 800 Software can increase revenue by

  • Providing Services and products that are exactly what your customers are looking for

  • Offering better customer service

  • Cross selling opportunities

  • Helps sales staff close their deals faster

  • Retaining existing customers and discovering new ones

  • New Market identification and penetration

  • Forecasting the business expectation

  • Increasing market value

  • Understanding Competitor and Market Share

  • Marketing and introducing new products to the market

Leto CRM 800 software – Modules

  1. Segment Creator

  2. Contact Management

  3. Lead Management

  4. Opportunities Management

  5. Sales Quotation Management

  6. Campaign Management

  7. Complaint Management

  8. Sales Pipeline Management

  9. Sales Forecast Generator

  10. Sales Commission Tracking

  11. Template & Dashboard Designer

  12. ERP Integration Manager



Leto CRM 800 – Social Accounts and Contact Management Software

Keeping customer and people contact is more important for healthy organization. Bring Social Accounts intelligent to your sales process for effective selling and marketing Activities. Keep connected with your customer with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn…etc., Leto CRM 800 software enables you to get complete history of customer communications. Get a 360 degree view of your customer, products, sales and their opportunities. 

Leto CRM 800 –  Quotation Management Software

Every opportunity ends with Quotation. Quotation is another process in the sales cycle. This is a perfect process to make a sale happen. LetoCRM 800 helps you to integrate with ERP Systems and you can manage Quotation from both systems. Also a user can create Sales Quotation thru LetoCRM 800. An Opportunity can be converted as sales quotation for further process. Leto sales quotation can be integrated with Leto ERP Sales module.

Leto CRM 800 – Sales Pipeline Management Software

  • Managing your sales pipeline is critical for business growth.

  • Sales pipeline is a series of stages which is incorporated with any sales opportunities.

  • Leto’s sales pipeline management is best tool to manage all your critical Sales Pipeline.

  • Thru this tool you will be able to manage your sales pipeline effectively

  • Based on the stage, you can take lot of reports based on the segments

  • Also helps you to get key areas of Improvements, visualize your sales with eye-opening way.

Leto CRM 800 – Templates and Dashboard Management Software

  • Create unlimited templates as reports

  • Manage Complex Reporting

  • Adhoc Reporting

  • Graphical Presentations of Reports

  • Manage Dashboard for better presentation

  • Export or import to different format like Excel, Word, Pdf…etc.


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