Leto Business Management Software regulates the inventory store and Warehouses. Using Inventory Management is best business practice in your business, because through this application the user can track the item movement perfectly without any missing or loss of items.

Leto DIMS – Distribution and Inventory Management Software provides the flexible management of your in and out inventory with following modules

  1. Sales Order Processing & Management

  2. Purchase Order Processing and Management

  3. Inventory Management Solutions

  4. Serial/Lot Tracking

  5. Mobile Tracking

  6. Inventory Movement Analysis

  7. Inventory Reporting

  8. Warehouse Management

  9. Inventory Barcode Generation

  10. Integration with ERP solutions

LetoDIMS helps in the following

  1. Wholesale 

  2. Retail

  3. E-Commerce

  4. Manufacturing

  5. General Warehouses or Factories

Best Features of LetoDIMS

  1. Segment Creator helps to create multiple dimension for your inventory classification

  2. Multi location and multicurrency

  3. Web Browser based and platform indepent, keep your inventory posted while on the move anywhere anytime basis

  4. Material Movement : Track your inventory movement

  5. Item Valuation

  6. Multi user

  7. Integrated barcode

  8. Document attachment and creation

  9. Template designer for more standard templates creation

  10. Controlled user access

  11. Workflow enables

  12. Dashboard Designer

  13. Bar code Generator

  14. Print Shipping Label

  15. Synchronization across multiple channel

Visit : LetoDIMS  for more information

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