Ideas of choosing the best ERP Software 

Software Selection by industry:

Customer can’t select the same industry software, because company to company requirements differs. We can give lot of examples as below. Let’s take two companies are in the same industry

Company practices, internal procedures, international sales, domestic sales, policies, HR & Payroll outsourcing/not, central warehouse/third party warehouse, outsourcing projects/not, intend to eCommerce or not, Analytical/technical, technology level, functionality level, reports generation level, employees rules and regulation level….etc

Don’t purchase the Software by features alone: When purchasing software  the following points to be considered

Scalability                     – software ability to grow with your company

Flexibility                      – ability to meet your changing needs

Excess Complexity – less complexity will make user friendly

Best Technology      – should be technology friendly as per the current trend

Cost                                    – the total cost of ownership should be less

Best Culture                 – Software and software vendor should be culture friendly

Software Vendor to be considered:

It’s important to consider a vendor’s momentum, profitability, ability to successful delivery, ability to release new version and products, integration ability, leadership vision and strategic direction.

Focus on Implementation Partner:

Now the current trend Reseller themselves are becoming installer as well as implementer. sometime principal vendor will not look into partners quality and they can’t scan each and every partner. so right implementation partner is the biggest requirement in any phase of software selection. Software vendors should have maximum knowledge about the product and experience in implementation. Because when the scalability or integrity other than standard features come most of them failed . The should understand your dreams and implement in the right time.

Buying software for the functions and features not for low cost

Customer should focus on the functionality and scalability of the software instead of low cost. some vendors they may quote less then you might spend lot for the other integration and scalability.

Current market trend forces you to go with latest technology and web enabled with eCommerce possibilities, in such even big software gets failed in the integration with eCommerce Portals. So always advised not to select the software only by cost.

Should be scalable rather then controlling specific functions

It’s always advisable not to buy the software of current needs, definitely organization have to align the goals and purchase the software rather than to fulfill the current requirements. organization may grow fast and if you cant expand the function, then you have replace the existing one it will cause lot of losses of both time and man-hours. For Ex. if you have the companies with branches in one country definitely it’s going to grow to another country, so selecting software should be based on the budget and vision set.

Don’t bring the software because of popularity

Purchasing software because of popularity will never work based on your best practice if the better functions are not available. Too many companies buy software because the vendor has the most customers. but they fail examine how the vendors has the lot of customers and based on what rating they are popular.

Avoid complexity

It’s the recent observation that customer are over buy not under buy.  When we talk to the customer with deepest requirement they understand that software too complex. but most of the users working in the spreadsheets rather than getting reports from the application.

Purchasing software without defining the requirements

Many companies over define their requirements and end up with large requirements without clarity and focus. In this time they may confuse the actual requirements or the immediate requirements will take more time to implement. Companies to understand and define proper requirement based on the company needs. Requirements have to be prepared with multiple phases and have to implemented as per the phase rather than looking to full implementation.

Dying Technology

Some of the software available in the market with old technology and vendor will give commitment that can be changed to the new technology, but customer has to understand change management is matter of all problem, initial product life cycle including change will take lot of time to test and implement. Buying the software with dying technology will waste your time and man-days.

Fixing business problems

Too many organization buy software to fix the business problems, rather than looking the  internal practice problems. this can’t be solved with software alone, Software is only a tool it may help you to focus into solving problems based on your implementation.

Considering all the mentioned issues, LetoERP will be the best suitable application from Letosys. Very experienced professionally managed web based applications has the following modules
LetoERP Consists of the following modules

General Ledger 
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Multi Currency
Bank & Cash 
Sales | CRM
Purchase | e Procurement
Inventory Management 
HR & Payroll Management 
Fixed Asset Management 
Business Intelligence
Production Planning and Control
Document Management
Dashboard Designer
Templates Designer

LetoERP is completely browser based application. Gives flexibility to work on your favorite browser including safari and opera. So MAC users get benefits out of this.

Since it’s web based, can be used as Cloud application, own your private clouds to host letoERP Applications.

LetoERP is one of the best ERP Software in dubai, uae, sharjah, qatar.


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