Document Management Software Dubai| Abu Dhabi | UAE | Sharjah Overview

Companies are searching documents frequently . An Average time of searching document for an employee everyday has been estimated at least half an hour. The application can make the time more easier and you can get any document on-time through Leto Document Management Software.

Web based Leto Document Management Software provides the best control of your organization. Additionally the version and record control with Workflow enabling for the power of approval system. LetoDMS enables t upload and manage all type of documents like pdf, jpeg, doc, ppt, xls, mp3, mp4….etc


Leto Document Management Software – Modules

  1. Document Profile Manager

  2. Document Version Control

  3. Document Distrubution

  4. Document Access Control

  5. Document Workflow

  6. Document Self Service Portal

  7. Notifications (Enail & SMS Configuration)

  8. Social Media share and integration

  9. Online Document Viewer

  10. Event Logger

  11. Recently viewed Documents

  12. Template Designer

  13. Document Scanner

  14. Executive Dashboard Manager

  15. Notes & Alerts

  16. Document Scheduler

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