A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the most valuable System any small and medium sized business can implement.

Every business needs to interact with the prospects and customers effectively. Recent Studies shows that whoever implemented CRM Software got 29% more profit when compare to earlier Revenue.

A CRM system will store all the past transactions and history of any customer or prospects. Customers can be segregated by geographical location or by their business types.

Potential CRM can make cross selling opportunities to increase the business growth %.  More of the prospect details in the system can make more of the business opportunities.

A Good CRM can help to increase the customer satisfactions and support on time. By making online support tickets, customer can submit the problems easily anytime. Any satisfied customer can give potential business to your company again. it increases the business profit.

To make your real time CRM Effective, companies have to

Make Flexible and Simple : Most of the companies are doing first mistake when implementing CRM is, they try to make as much as possible information with complication. So if you want to implement CRM, the first level should be very simple and adoptable by employees.

Integration :
System has to be very flexible in integration with third party application. Some time accounts department is using CRM for fund collection, in this case they have to synchronize the customer master with CRM to avoid double entry details

Watch the Activity :
Watching the activity in CRM is most important. If the activities are entered properly in the System, anytime you can complete details of the customer communications. Histories are going to be the strong records for the future support or other opportunities related to the customer.

Technology : Technology plays vital role in accessing the system.  The technology of the system has to provide access in tablet and mobile with help of internet or intranet. These facilities will make the updated information on time.

Reports :
Reports are more important. System has to provide flexible customization facility and dashboard design facility, then only you can make lot of reports. sometime management needs the product movement by geographical location, customer type, profit margin, within certain period….etc

Marketing :
System has to provide the facility to make HTML Marketing templates which can be sent from the system directly to the particular mail group.

Contact Management :
It’s more important to any company to keep all of their prospects and customer information. Having more contacts and customers will decide the profit ratio of the company.

Great usability : Even perfect system can be implemented in any organization, but system should give easy data entry screens without any confusions. shortly employees should be able to do data entry easily and effectively.

LetoCRM Introduction:

Web based CRM gives you the great experience in handling sales, marketing and support. It Differs from others and best features are below

  • Web based and can be accessed over any standard browser including Opera and Safari on Mac Machines
  • Best Graphical Interface to make easy transactions by users
  • User Definable dashboards and Reports
  • User defined unlimited custom fields
  • integration with any third party systems
  • Integration with all Leto Applications.
  • Accessible over Tablets and Smartphones
  • Intelligence recommendation while data entry
  • Workflow enabled
  • Email and SMS Notifications enabled
  • Direct Integration with any telephony services
  • Automatic customer finder based on the call.
  • Document Attachments in all the stages
  • Direct mailing from System
  • Marketing templates can be designed within the system
  • Auto Reminders and Tasks for the specific user
  • Auto mailing systems for all the customers and prospects
  • Cross selling details for the specific users automatically
  • Lead Assigning and re-assigning
  • Lead Cancellation or update with different details
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement ) and follow up details

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