The general answer is to save money : 
Once the bar-code asset tracking system is fully populated with the asset and location data, the user can understand where the asset is exactly.1. Unused or Rarely Used Assets – Utilization reports from the asset tracking system will identify assets that are rarely or never used. Unused assets or rarely used assets can be replaced for space saving actively.2. Highly Used Assets – Highly utilized assets are becoming risk for an any organization, because cost of utilization has to be organized and accounted.3. Check in and Check out – Often employees are taking assets into different locations. This could cause non-unavailability of assets in the organization. When you start tracking in and out of assets, easily can be identified and tracked the asset location.4. Asset Usage by Department – Budget always depends on department including materials/Assets usage with depreciation. Often some departments use the capital assets effectively. in this case we have to identify the frequent used assets by all departments. 5. Asset Depreciation – Knowing the current non-depreciated value of your assets can help you make repair and maintenance decisions. If the repair cost is more than the remaining asset value, Assets can be scrapped or resale will help to get value of remaining assets.6. Asset Details – Always keep the final detailed reports of all assets including maintenance value, any company can set certain budget for each assets by location, department and projects. Complete detailed reports can be taken from the applications of total asset usage.

Leto FAMS – Fixed Asset Management Software helps in any organization to get complete details of any assets. The following feartures are available

  • Segment Creator: Enables the users to create unlimited Asset Code Structures. Each segment can be a report master, for Ex. Division, Department, Location, Sub Division, Region, Country….etc

  • Asset Supplier

  • Asset Manager

  • Asset Barcode Designer

  • Asset Transfer (Owner, Location, department…..etc)

  • Asset Tracking

  • Asset Reconciliation

  • Asset Sale

  • Asset Barcode Print

  • Asset Insurance

  • Asset Depreciation

  • Asset Maintenance Scheduler

  • Maintenance Cost Update

  • Month End Processing

  • Administrative Module

  • Asset Retirement/Missing Assets Update

  • Executive Dashboard Manager

  • Notes & Alerts

  • Custom Asset Report Designer

  • Asset Issue

  • Asset Receipts

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