Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): What’s the best features adds value to an ERP system?

ERP Software in Dubai and Emirates

People often find themselves becoming overwhelmed with all the potential choices of ERP software available on the market. Most of the the decision makers purchased such software only to find out later that it was not the right choice for the specific business they wanted. Here we put some key points every ERP should have.

1. Functionality

This is the most important in terms of searching a good ERP. if any ERP business suite made for Larger companies, and if you are small and medium business then you have to re-look into your selection process. ERP system should have a facility to support your SMB business and it has to the facility to upgrade based on your business size increases. ERP software should be customizable according your business needs, sometime you may want to have complex reporting and processes, in those cases you should be able to customize the functionality wanted. Any ERP should support you with greater functionality such as the way you wanted.

2. Common Platform with Web based Architecture

Choosing an ERP software which is fully web and browser based would benefit you in all the way to grow your business. Choosing a right platform will make you comfort and Access anywhere basis, Select the Cloud servers to host your ERP and get the full benefits of URL based approach, in this case you will not be needing much additional support and maintenance will become more easy. If you are not more convinced with Cloud application providers, get the web based architecture to host in your own cloud space, often it’s called as Private Clouds.

3. Stability and Support is more important

It’s more important that software company should have reliable functions and technology, if the software architecture is well  and scalable, it can add value and lot of comfort to your business. Also you should be aware of annual license fees and Maintenance Costs.

4. Costs and Future investments

Whenever new software purchase, often you have to keep in mind about ongoing recurring cost, this can be measured by the functionality and scalability. Ongoing additional maintenance cost will make you discomfort to pay, so you have to think about the ROI when taking software.

5. Effective Data Communications

One of the advantage of ERP systems is the ability to access your data. Decision makers should access the data effectively for better and Critical decisions in the organization. Effective communication signals in the software will increase your business benefits.

6. Fast Acceptance

The ERP systems frequently makes the user discomfort in terms of functionality usage for some time, in this case any ERP system should have easy navigation and accessible for all the users. This will make fast adoption and usage. For Example. Leto ERP resembles the functionality of biggest ERP but follows easy navigation as Normal Accounting Software and Microsoft Office Solutions

7. Third Party Integrations

Now a days, most of the companies use different Software applications based on their comfort of any department. When ERP is introduced to an organization, system should give the facility to integrate existing Software which is mandatory to the organization. In this way, you can cut the cost.

About Web based LETOERP

Letosys LETOERP – ERP Software solutions and Accounting Software is Most reliable and affordable Business Accounting and ERP Software for all kinds of business in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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As per the above article, LETOERP facilitates the business users in all the way with cutting-edge technology. Innovative decision making dashboards and reports designing capabilities adds value to the system. the following modules  features are available

Nominal Accounts 
Inventory Management Software
Warehouse Management Software
Customer Relations Management Software
HR & Payroll Management Software
Document Management Software
Fixed Asset Tracking and Management Software
Property Management Software
Internal Workflow Management Software
e-Procurement and Vendor Management

Innovative Admin functions such as
User Security and Payment Authorization
Active Directory Integration
Workflow Management (Approval & Rejections)
Notification Engine (SMS, EMAIL)
Effective Reports Generator
Segment Creator
Decision making Dashboard Designer
Integrated with MS Office

Other Services
Document Imaging Solutions
Physical Records Management Solutions
Document Bar-coding and Stamping Solutions
Fixed Asset Tracking and Bar-coding Solutions
Facility and HelpDesk Management Solutions

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