Letosys Introduction

Letosys is a leading global business solutions & Information technology company and delivering, consulting, outsourcing solutions to clients 10* industries and has enhanced business efficiency at corporate companies across the globe. The team of experts focusing on developing and implementing the cutting edge solutions for all industry’s requirements. Letosys has deep industry experts having domain knowledge and to help the client to achieve their highest value business processes and improves the business performance.

We combine a unique onsite/offshore delivery model infused by a distinct culture of customer satisfaction. We work with some of the world’s leading innovative ISVs and software-enabled businesses, ranging from start-ups to established industry leaders.

We have global partnerships with some of Fortune 500, Forbes 2000 companies, including leading ISV and Technology companies.

Letosys is member of ZMC Group, Dubai & Germany

Passion for Excellence

Our goal is dedicated to our global resources, industry intelligence and systems expertise to working with our clients to make their business stronger with

Leadership & Innovation | Specialized Services & Expertise | Research & Development | Letosys  Academy & Go Green campaign


Quality Policy

We shall strive towards achieving total customer satisfaction by rendering reliable defect free IT solutions and IT enabled services on time and within the budgeted cost.

We shall accomplish this by continually improving our best practices in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology and Business Process Management procedures through periodic review of our defined objectives…..more about quality assurance & Testing Methodology

Power of Performance Management helps you to:

  • Identify issues your company is facing in its ability to deliver and create value
  • Understand the role that management must play in relation to value-creation ability
  • Create a performance management framework that’s right for your organization
  • Discover what information technology is needed in order to support world-class value creation

Power of Performance

Culture & Domain Expertise  : Letosys is considered a ‘local’ player with a very strong reputation for excellence. Our clients benefit from our non-hierarchical, responsive “can-do” approach to business. we are a highly project-oriented firm that can take complete responsibility for large development and integration projects, and for delivering bottom line results from application management.

Technical Expertise : Letosys has deep technology expertise across a wide range of competencies. Technology competency and the qualities of our people are the highest-rated attributes in our Customer Satisfaction Survey

 We will never let you down : Our flexibility, responsiveness, ownership and the  assurance that we will never let you down is core to our delivery model. Our people are proud of our track record and work hard to contribute to our stellar service reputation.

Partners and Supremacy
Letosys understands that the “Joint Ventures, Alliances, and other Corporate Partnering are fueling the growth of the world’s most successful companies. The demand to deliver more new products, more quickly, and at lower prices has never been greater. Joint Ventures and other collaborative business arrangements are revolutionizing how winning companies compete. They permit companies to enter new markets and field new products that they otherwise couldn’t do on their own. They are the quickest way to grow your company, particularly in times of change.” Letosys selects the strategic and technology partners industry-wise successful implementer.

In our highly technological, global New Economy, business success depends more and more on the exchange of ideas implemented through sharpened organizational capabilities such as speed and responsiveness. Organizations that can quickly turn strategy into action, manage processes intelligently and efficiently–and take maximum advantage of human capital–will take the lead.

Quick Facts and Insights

Industry Level innovation : 

Gaining the industry experts and leveraging the companies with incomparable product development & technology awareness which suites the industry.

Web Central Solutions :
“Since the application is Web-based and available globally throughout the corporation, end-users can quickly view how similar processes are being monitored at other locations for similar products. Giving online help to reduce the number of help desk calls from users”

  • Introducing the best business practices for the business needs and integration
  • Introducing the several business tools to achieve management best practice, Including: a) Benchmarking, b) forecasting, c) financial planning, d) strategic planning, e) Performance monitoring
  • Insight to deliver a very effective way of monitoring your business is to introduce key performance indicators (KPIs). These can be used to measure progress in achieving business objectives across a range of activities and enable customer to identify areas that need attention. KPIs can be used to measure activities such as sales volumes, profitability, quality and staff turnover.
  • Tools such as bench marking, business planning and performance monitoring will help the customer to compare the performance of their business with that of their peers and competitors and against their own business objectives. Where necessary, introducing new ways of working to improve competitiveness and business efficiency. Having accurate and up-to-date information about the business performance will also help future planning and change management.


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