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WOO-Commerce Portal Development

E-Commerce solutions have completely changed the trade style for both online buyers and sellers with its different view. Customer enjoys the purchasing experience anytime anywhere basis. It gives virtual shopping experience with best cost cutting, time saving and multiple choices of product selection. It also brings lot of benefits for the business owners who don’t want to keep physical store and wants to do business without any geographical restrictions. They get remarkable business opportunity to expand globally. Letosys offers E-commerce Solutions which are not only rich in designs also rich in user navigation. Easy and enjoyable online buying experience. Our professional team is well versed to develop online solutions for retail companies looking to capture and expand t ...


Letosys Offers Web Development & Online Marketing for the best result of your business growth. Since the commercialization of the web, web development has been growing rapidly. The continuous growth push the customer and buyers to be online for long time. To attract the target audience for your company, website is the best medium of all the time. The other fact in the web development is user friendliness and easy navigation. World wide web (WWW) become the perfect medium to deliver all the application online for the perfect business speed. Letosys offers different types of web development Client side Web Application Development (Basic, Advanced) Server Side Web Application Development (Basic Advanced) Server Side Security Application Development Converting the local applicat ...

Web Hosting & Content Process Management

Best and Affordable Web hosting and Content Management Services In this commercial world, website is playing vital role to make enough business to the business owners. To be best business, the company requires to host the website with reliable and trustworthy web hosting provider. In addition to the trust factor involved there is also the technical factor. What server platform does the host run? Is it Windows or Linux/Unix? it's not more important to you, but it will make a big difference to your finished website, functionality, design and security. Letosys provides top most affordable, trustworthy and popular web hosting services. No more searching for hours online. No more anxiety about which host to choose. Web Content Management System (WCMS)Today websites are be ...

Software Testing, Re-Engineering & Data Migration Services

Letosys Testing Services The global demand for high quality innovative products and services with quick go-to market solutions and minimal investment has never been greater. Letosys offers testing services that help you deliver business solutions and technologies with high quality. Letosys domain and industry-focused testing services can ensure that your IT applications meet growing business need with high performance availability. Boost your software testing and economically expand your long term capability of your application. Letosys domain and industry-focused testing services can ensure that your IT applications meet growing business needs with high performance and availability. With standard operating procedures and mechanisms you can detect i ...

Software Development & Related Services

Stay very clear in acquisition of New Business Application Software with Latest Technology with Letosys Experts “Your Thighs Look a Little Slimmer”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Played With His Opponent’s Vulnerability During His Bodybuilding Career - EssentiallySports buy ephedrine usa jesus is my spotter svg, jesus svg, workout svg, bodybuilding svg, weight lifting christian svg - svgtrend Competitive world always expects the right solutions with state-of-art technology. The perfect software application requires the following Clear vision of the result Perfect Database Structure Load Balancing technique when large amount of users access the software application Unique Software development Life Cycle Structured Coding to oxymetholone pill understand and reconfigure th ...

Social Media Marketing & Integration

Social Media and Conversation Marketing transform brands for the business like no other communication channels before Social Media has changed the business lifestyle recent years and had become an integral part of businesses these days. Social media marketing is more important for your business such as Generating business leads, improving sales performance, increasing exposure of your brand, increasing traffic to your website and reduce your marketing experience. Improving your site with integrated with Social media can bring you significant benefit to keep your customer up-to date. Letosys offers the following Social media marketing policy First we identify your company culture We make the strategic plan for your social media marketing Identify past successes and failur ...

LetoERP - ERP Software, Best in Enterprises

Leto ERP Introduction Multi segmented General Ledger and each Segment becomes a reporting dimension. Ex Division, department, projects and Cost Centers | User can create up-to 10 segments | Multiple Accounts structure creates with combination of different segments| Defines Multiple currencies for transaction, accounting, and financial reporting | Flexible Multiple Budgeting and variance calculation | Currency revaluation in the period end process with auto reversing journal | User-Selected Check/TT format include printed check/TT | PDC (Post Dated Checks) Management | Effective Dashboards for decision making | Banking (Facilities like LC, TR, Forex, Guarantee, Discounting, etc) with Limits Validation & Alerts. Daily Bank Position Summary (all/one) with all its fa ...

Leto PMS - Property Management Software

Leto Property Management Software Introduction: Managing Property is a huge responsibility. This is particularly if anyone is using more than one property. In Order to ensure the best results and profitably running business, property managers and Owners should use Property Management software. The workload of the manager will be drastically reduced when they use the applications. Using the application to ensure to keep all details related to the property and having reminders such as Contracts, documents of tenants, properties. Property Management Software has emerged as a leading cost-cutting measure for today’s most competitive businesses. Leto Property software provides powerful analytic information systems to customer for reducing costs across the globe. Browser ...

Leto HRMS - Human Resources and Payroll Management Software

LetoHRMS 800-Software - Introduction In General, to maintain a competitive advantage in the market place, firms needs to balances the resources available to the firm to achieve the desired results of profitability. The effective management of human resources in a firm to gain a competitive advantage in the market place requires timely and accurate information on current employees and potential employees in the labor market. Keeping HR department is a difficult job, but entire company’s success depends on the work of HR department and what they do every day. When your HR personnel are using web based HR software, it’s helping them to get their repetitive tasks done faster. The anywhere anytime access gives the comfort for employees to process al ...

Leto Financials - Accounting Software

Leto Financials Introduction Multi segmented General Ledger and each Segment becomes a reporting dimension. Ex Division, department, projects and Cost Centers | User can create up-to 10 segments | Multiple Accounts structure creates with combination of different segments| Defines Multiple currencies for transaction, accounting, and financial reporting | Flexible Multiple Budgeting and variance calculation | Currency revaluation in the period end process with auto reversing journal | User-Selected Check/TT format include printed check/TT | PDC (Post Dated Checks) Management | Effective Dashboards for decision making | Banking (Facilities like LC, TR, Forex, Guarantee, Discounting, etc) with Limits Validation & Alerts. Daily Bank Position Summary (all/one) with all its fa ...

Leto FAMS - Fixed Asset Tracking & Management Software

Leto Fixed Asset Management Introduction Asset management is an accounting process that seeks to calculate the depreciation, tracking, maintenance and theft difference. Organizations face a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation status of their fixed assets. A popular approach to tracking fixed assets utilizes serial numbered Asset Tags, which are labels that are often with bar codes for easy and accurate reading. Periodically the owner can track the asset transfer, misplaced and missing assets using these kind of application Leto FAMS related Searches : Fixed Asset Management Software, Computerized Fixed Asset Management Software, Fixed Asset Maintenance Software, Web based Fixed Asset Management ...

Leto DMS - Document Management Software

Leto DMS - Document Management Software - Introduction Successful business required to keep policies and procedures need to be documented. Control of records and documents is a very critical job in any organization. ISO 9001 requires document control, record control and procedures explaining that how you are maintaining control. HIPAA requires Access control. Sarbanes-Oxley requires access and revision control. So any fast growing business needs to control their documents and practice paperless office. Document management software plays a vital role in any organization saving and archiving the entire document and it saves the space occupied by the document folders. Web based Leto Document Management Software provides the best control of your organization. Additionally ...

Leto Distribution - Inventory Management

Leto Ditribution/Inventory Management/Warehouse Management related searches Inventory Management Software, Web based Inventory Software, Online Inventory Management Software, Inventory Counting Software, Warehouse Management Software, Warehouse Material Tracking Software, Mobile Inventory Management Software Related Software & Services Leto HRMS Sofware , Leto ERP Software , Leto Distribution Software , Leto Warehouse Management Software , Leto Fixed Asset Management Software , Leto Fixed Asset Accounting Services , Leto Financial Software , Leto Accounting Software

Leto CRM - Customer Relation Management Software

LetoCRM 800 Software- Customer Relationship Management Software Customer Relation Management is a strategy to learn more about customer need and behavior in order to develop stronger relationships with them. Good customer relationships are at the heart of business success. Leto CRM 800 Software is one of the leading software in the corporate market. Leto CRM provides powerful features for Sales, Marketing and Support. An Effective Leto CRM 800 Software can increase revenue by Providing Services and products that are exactly what your customers are looking for Offering better customer service Cross selling opportunities Helps sales staff close their deals faster Retaining existing customers and discovering new ones New Market identification and penetration For ...

Email Marketing & Management

Email Marketing can be a great way of targeting new Prospects or existing customers to inform the latest offering and any service related details Email Provides the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales, it's also amazing cost effective solution with right ROI. It reduces paper prints, postal expenses and timely delivery of the message to the target audience. it's the perfect medium to reach your customer personally and increase the profit of your service. Also Email marketing gives significant benefits for E-Commerce Business vendors. They have to frequently inform the status of the order confirmation for the customer once the transaction is completed. Good Email Content deepens your relationship with your Target Audience. Top benefits of using Email Marketi ...

BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

BPO - Introduction BPO is the form of outsourcing that involves specific contracting operations of specific processes or function to a third party service provider. It helps the company to increase the productivity. Therefore BPO enhances the flexibility of any organization. Today, Customers want to partner with BPO vendors who can add value to their organization with best technology resources and cost effective Services. Letosys Consultancy Services: LCS LCS is the Global Business process outsourcing provider for IT enabled and dedicated IT related services. LCS provides high quality professionals to take care of your all requirements. Our services offering help clients to Enhance capabilities in key areas Reduce the operational and other employee related costs Increasin ...

Construction Management Software in Dubai


Letosys Advantages

Today, information systems provide the communication that firms need for conducting trade globally. Globalization is another important factor to leverage Information Systems.

Business software Applications attempts to integrate business processes across departments and across the globe onto a single enterprise-wide information system.

Letosys provides most advanced Information System products with state-of-art technology to manage your business globally. Web based Leto Business Software Applications are ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), Financial Management, Human Resources & Payroll Management, Document Management, Distribution / Inventory Management, Property Management, Facilities Management and Fixed Assets Management, Corporate Legal Management, Tax and Compliance Management..etc

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Letosys Most Advanced Products

Letosys is a past master when it’s come to the software life cycle and with you that already been implemented. Our experienced professionals can you obtain the customized software you have dreamed. We provide the best of Software Architectural Design, Implementation, and Project Management.

Letosys provides a range of services for clients such as Software Development, Re-engineering and Testing Services, Data Migration and Management Services, Woo Commerce Development, Web Development and Hosting Services, Email Marketing and Management Services, Social Media Integration services, Content Process Management, Fixed Asset Management Services, Document Life cycle and Process Management, Business Process Outsourcing Services, Mobile Application Development, Games Development Services.

Business intelligence Services, Letosys offers a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence services to help clients to turn data into future insights. Providing Graphical presentation will help to improve your business growth.

Letosys Value Added Services

Why commercial websites?

Companies process over $1.5 million in on-line orders annual with an additional $50 million in estimate. Powerful, fast efficient marketing and communication tool online

New market penetration, and save office, transportation charges. Unlimited possibilities to automate your orders and payment processes for your business. Displaying multiple user selection with inventory management. Access free with internet everywhere and do business. Global Presence and professionally managed. Use can let customer to select exactly what they are looking for. Instead of wasting around and spending hours on the travel time. Easier to find discounts and ordering online with plastic money. Another convenient of online shopping is the ability to order products from around the world; shoppers are no longer limited to products offered by local retailers so customer can select multiple retailers around the world. Other benefits you can compare the product and feature prices when you purchase online. Simply it’s more convenient way to shop online.

Letosys offers you best online web store and commercial shopping websites with best talented professionals.

Letosys has been grown with some of the following Customers


Admaf          Al Seer Marine selects LetoEDMSRamada Resorts selects Letosys Asset Tracking System      Arison Gulf Selects LetoERP in AbudhabiGhantoot selects LetoEDMS in DubaiTeam Engineering Selected LetoERP

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